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BIPHA South : Transfer Rule 2019/20 | September 18

For 2019/20, the following Regional rule has been adopted with immediate effect Wednesday 18th September for transfer of players. This aligns the Regional transfer policy with Central. Please read and circulate to your Members. 

You can download a copy of the rule here or read below



A player cannot transfer to another team in the same season more than twice. This includes between two teams within the same club.

Please see Section 4 Page 52 of the BIPHA Rule Book 2019 - 20 for details on the transfer of players.

Example 1: Player in Team A transfers to Team B and then transfers to Team C. They cannot transfer again.

Example 2: Player in Team A transfers to Team B and then transfers back to Team A. They cannot transfer again.

Rule Detail

Where clubs have two or more teams in the same age group, players may transfer between these teams free of charge. Players transferring between two different clubs will be subject to a £15 charge per transfer.

Players will NOT be allowed to transfer until all monies, kit and any other possessions belonging to the club the player is leaving have been repaid/returned in full or a suitable payment plan to clear any outstanding debts has been agreed by all parties. Failure to adhere to any payment plan will result in the player being suspended until the debt is cleared in full.

All players who wish to transfer must complete a transfer form which is available on request from the Regional Committee via This must be sent to and received by the Committee via before the transfer is deemed complete. Both clubs will then be informed the player is free to transfer. Players may not play for their new team until clearance has been given.

Goalie Borrowing and Exception

The exception to this rule is where a team is able to borrow a goalie. This is not considered a transfer but must be recorded as a 'borrow'. The number of times a goalie can be borrowed is determined by the junior or senior league they are in. Please consult with the regional committee for exact details on this as it changes depending on age group and division.

BIPHA South Regional Committee

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