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BIPHA South : Regional Rules 2019/20 | September 19

Please see below the list of Regional rules for 2019/20. You can also download the PDF via this link.

BIPHA South : 2019/20 Regional Rules

This document outlines the regional rules for BIPHA South.

Puck to goalie helmet
If the puck strikes the goalies helmet, the referee(s) will stop the game and there will be a face-off (f/o). This ensures the welfare of the goalie is considered.

Puck off ref
If the puck hits the Ref and changes possession, the game is stopped and results in a f/o at the nearest point on rink.
Puck hit straight out from D man in own half - f/o is in the D low point
Puck out from attacking player in opponent half - f/o half way line
Puck out from slap shot own half - f/o low point in same half shot taken from
Puck out from deflection off any opponent - f/o low point of that half

Hall of Shame
This is a local rule it does not affect any Regional, National or GB squads.
Players accumulating 30 Pims will serve a one-game ban.
Players accumulating 40 Pims will serve a two-game ban.
Players accumulating 50 Pims will result in suspension and disciplinary hearing.

Short-handed teams that cannot continue the game
The opposition will be awarded an automatic 1-0 win and game abounded as a forfeit. The goal will be awarded to the winning team Captain.

GoPro attachments or other attachments/modifications

There must be no modification to equipment as per BIPHA Rule Book.

If a player is asked to remove an attachment and refuses, this will result in two minute kit violation penalty.

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